Balanced Healing

Anti-Viral Herbal Blend

Anti-Viral Herbal Blend


Turbo boost your immunity and stimulate your immune systems response to invading pathogens with my herbal blend made Anti-Viral herbs such as Elderberry, Pau D' Arco, Calendula, Astragulus & more!

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Baobab Fruit Powder - 6oz ,12 oz

Cinnamon - Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

Hemp Seeds - 18oz, 1pd, 3pd

Maple Syrup - 16oz, 32oz, 64oz

Coconut Nectar - 12oz 

Kamut Flour - 1pd, 5pd

Teff Flour - 16oz, 1pd, 2pd 

Amaranth Flour - 10oz, 1pd, 2pd

Spelt Flour - 1pd, 5pd

Quinoa Flour - 12oz, 2pd

Fonio Grain - 10oz, 2pd, 5pd

Teff Grain - 1pd, 2pd

Italian Seasonings - 1oz, 1pd

Ginger - 14oz, 1pd

Cacao Powder - 1pd, 2pd, 5pd

Avocado Oil - 34oz, 1Gal

Coconut Oil - 15oz, 54oz

Grapeseed Oil - 8oz, 16oz

Pink Himilayan Salt - 13oz, 1pd, 5pd

Sea Salt - 80oz, 1pd, 5pd

Ketchup (Sweetened w/ Agave) - 8oz

Chickpeas - 1pd, 3pd, 5pd

Chickpea Flour - 32oz, 2pd

Wakame - 0.64oz1.8oz

Coconut Aminos - 8oz, 30oz

Quinoa - 16oz, 3pd25pd

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