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About  DoMo


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One of the many reasons why he is titled the Jack of All Trades is for his diversity and versatility in the realm of entertainment, music and dance as well as health and wellness. When it comes to music DoMoJOAT is a professional musician, plays the steel pan, piano, drums, is also a song writer, vocalist, band director and also is an educator of music. In the field of dance, DoMoJOAT does and teaches Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Hip-Hop, African, Break, Dancehall, Intermediate Tap and Ballroom. In the realm of health and wellness, DoMoJOAT is Holistic Naturopath and Nutritionist as well as lecturer and “Vegan” Chef for a lack of better words.

DoMoJOAT Musicianship

DoMoJOAT was introduced into music at the age of 11. He attended the Junior High School Meyer Levin IS 285. For his talent class, he was given the options of Dance, Band or Steel Pan. DoMo decided to choose Steel Pan and over a decade later, DoMo has taught Steel Band ensembles in over 15 NYC schools, performed in many big venues, places and events in the country and internationally. Steel Pan is DoMo’s first instrument, but also plays piano and drums.

DoMo started vocalizing after graduating High School going into College. This is the moment in his life where DoMo started to take his music a bit more serious and start recording with his childhood friend and now producer/engineer Matthew Cherrington. They both attended IS 285 and was in the Steel Pan Band together. They then collaborated on a mixtape in October 2013 titled “EarthStrong” and recorded other music as well.


DoMoJOAT Dancer/Choreographer

DoMoJOAT was introduced into the art of dance at the age of 5 years old. DoMo started dancing in his Aunts dance school ‘The Dance Workshop” where he learned, Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Tap, Ballet, African, Ballroom & hip-hop. His journey through dance has taking him to the Cotton Club, Lincoln Center and various other places. DoMo teaches many things such as music, health and wellness but was first a dance teacher. Dance will always a have a spot in DoMo’s life and will forever be his number one passion.

DoMoJOAT Health & Wellness 

DoMo is a certified naturopath, specializing in holistic health and nutritional science for over 6 years. DoMo gives health lectures and workshops, has one-on-one consultations, and creates herbal cleanses for each of the human body systems. DoMo & his wife Botanica have a business called “Balanced Healing”. They offer Sound Healing Yoga Classes where DoMo the Jack of All Trades, the masculine side, provides the sound therapy with the beautiful vibrations of the steel pan, while Botanica, the feminine side of the duo gently guides the participant to choose an intention, reflect, release and affirm. During the last pose, savasana, individuals lie down and experience the tones while they integrate their yogic experience. 

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