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"Health Is Wealth!"

DoMo is a certified naturopath, specializing in holistic health and nutritional science for over 6 years. DoMo gives health lectures and workshops, has one-on-one consultations, and creates herbal cleanses for each of the human body systems. DoMo & his wife Botanica have a business called “Balanced Healing”. They offer plenty of holistic services that helps people to transform their mind and body, including a program called Pathway to Wellness which supports individuals in understanding their body and choosing a better lifestyle for themselves based on science.

The couple also offers Sound Healing Yoga Classes where DoMo, the masculine side, provides the sound therapy with the beautiful vibrations of the steel pan, while Botanica, the feminine side of the duo gently guides the participant to choose an intention, reflect, release and affirm while coupling movement with their breath. During the last pose, savasana, individuals lie down and experience the tones while they integrate their yogic experience.

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"Don't Live To Eat, Eat To Live"

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