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DoMoJOAT Male Repr. Cleanse

DoMoJOAT Male Repr. Cleanse


This cleanse is a combination of herbs to specifically assist the Male Reproductive System (Prostate, Testicle, Scrotum, Penis) The organs of the Male Reproductive System are specialized to produce, maintain and transport sperm. Men at certain ages and points in their life, they don’t produce as much sperm as they should, their sperm mobility rate is lower than average, erectile dysfunction, etc. This particular system is how humans reproduce and multiply.

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    Every cleanse/elixir is a combination of natural organically harvested herbs. Each cleanses comes with a packet that includes 7 day meal plan, Food list, Energy Level Chart and more

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    All sales are finial, if there was a mistake in the order we will be happy to accomidate in sending you a new order. contact us with any issues. thank you and ahve a blessed day 


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