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Balanced Healing

Healthy Lungs

Healthy Lungs

Healthy Lungs Herbal Blend is similar to the anti-viral “I’m Above All Viruses” blend in that it boosts the immune system and rigorously searches for and kills viruses, but it targets the respiratory system and helps to clear out the passageway to bring in more oxygen. As we know this virus has been having a tragic effect on people with respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi), hypoxia (lack of oxygen), shortness of breath etc.
If you have previous conditions with your respiratory system, you need to assist your body with getting more oxygen in.
For those who order for delivery or shipping we will automatically give you both blends - I’m Above All Viruses & Healthy Lungs to protect and support both your immune and respiratory systems.


    Please Purchase Cookbook Ingredients here!

    Baobab Fruit Powder - 6oz ,12 oz

    Cinnamon - Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

    Hemp Seeds - 18oz, 1pd, 3pd

    Maple Syrup - 16oz, 32oz, 64oz

    Coconut Nectar - 12oz 

    Kamut Flour - 1pd, 5pd

    Teff Flour - 16oz, 1pd, 2pd 

    Amaranth Flour - 10oz, 1pd, 2pd

    Spelt Flour - 1pd, 5pd

    Quinoa Flour - 12oz, 2pd

    Fonio Grain - 10oz, 2pd, 5pd

    Teff Grain - 1pd, 2pd

    Italian Seasonings - 1oz, 1pd

    Ginger - 14oz, 1pd

    Cacao Powder - 1pd, 2pd, 5pd

    Avocado Oil - 34oz, 1Gal

    Coconut Oil - 15oz, 54oz

    Grapeseed Oil - 8oz, 16oz

    Pink Himilayan Salt - 13oz, 1pd, 5pd

    Sea Salt - 80oz, 1pd, 5pd

    Ketchup (Sweetened w/ Agave) - 8oz

    Chickpeas - 1pd, 3pd, 5pd

    Chickpea Flour - 32oz, 2pd

    Wakame - 0.64oz1.8oz

    Coconut Aminos - 8oz, 30oz

    Quinoa - 16oz, 3pd25pd

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