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QMA Bio-Body Scan


  • 1 hour
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Service Description

I use the QMA to scan the entire body and identify which organs and bodily systems are vibrating at level of vitality and which are vibrating on a cancerous level. I am able to do this with the QMA. The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer is an individual guide to the care and consultation of the state of health of the entire human body of advanced health science. With the advantage of being complete non-invasive, practical, simple, fast with the depth of the development of scientific research, this makes a great contribution for the cause of human health having a broad development and application prospects. This latest version contains more than 6 reports for children, check of amino acids and heavy metals. Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer. It works on the principle of quantum medicine, it collects the weak magnetic field of human cells and then analyze them and determine a person's health status and problems, putting them forward with standard prevention recommendations. Quantum Resistance theory is similar with that of radio as there are wireless waves in air, but if you want to listen to a specific broadcasting station then you need to modulate the radio to same frequency which is causing the resonance and then only radio can get the specific broadcasting channel. Quantum Resistance works on the same principle.

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  • USA

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